Dear Customers!

            Akabe Construction offers following services:

• Delivery

• Installation

• Special orders

• Cutting

• Design

• Guarantee

• Instructions


Beside the high quality, we strive to perform professional service as one of the most important  principle of ours. In order to comply with these principles, we offer you different services in various spheres.  

Delivery - to deliver you the product of your choice in safe and reliable way.

Installation – we can offer you durable, safe and accurate installation services as our experts are familiar with the products and are regularly engaged in installation of manufactured goods.

Special orders – We carry out individual orders depending on request of the customers. Depending on your choice you can always perform individual requests as accomplishing change in the form of product; ordering the product that is not produced for public sale.

Cutting – Any size cut of products with various types of equipment to any size and shape without damaging.

Design – Arranging design of selected product in accordance with your residence. Our goal is to simplify your choice and to eliminate hesitations.

Warranty – To eliminate any problem within the period of specified time interval in the warranty contract.

Instructions – interpretation of utilization rules of the product that you just got acquainted.  It is essential both for your convenience, as well as for ensuring the product's longevity.