Akabe Mosaic and Cutting Workshop

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We offer carving of different 2D and 3D figures on marble, brass and so on materials using technology of "Waterjet. Apparatus brought from Europe cuts 2D and 3D formatted pictures on materials. We accept any mosaic order of desired shape. In addition, installation of the finished product is also proposed by our experienced staff. You can also order a gift made in the apparatus of 2D and 3D format. Eg: A Portrait, logo of favorite football club and  etc. All your dreams can become a reality. Akabe Mosaic Cutting Workshop also provides customers with CNC engraving service. CNC Engraving technology is intended for processing natural and artificial stone. All sorts of plating, stone slabs, carved inscriptions, polishing, cutting services are carried out. Flawless cutting of the following materials is available: • Brass • Granite • Marble • Porcelain • Linoleum • Ceramics • Stainless steel • Aluminium   • Glass and others. You can even order a professional cutting and processing of your own restoration materials, such as tile, ceramic, granite, marble and so on, without the threat of deformation. This way you can avoid risks of improper cutting, cracks on the material and damage during repairs. You can also order different marble coverings for hallways, in any desired form.