Akabe Furniture

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  • Modern Kitchen interior in warm tones
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  • Sofa with plants

Akabe construction began production and sale of furniture in 2006.  The company sells various types of bathroom cabinets, closets, cabinets for TV, kids room, kitchen, office furniture and so on. Unique feature of domestic production is it allows you to make changes in size of product or create a model suiting your preferences. Wide range of products, quality, and modern design by itself talks for Akabe furniture’s professional activity. Besides product quality level, execution of orders on time is another reflection of professional approach. Akabe furniture manufactures goods on the basis of individual orders. You don’t get mass-produced regular product instead you own a unique masterpiece manufactured on the basis of your wishes. Thus Akabe furniture emphasizes your individuality. -Then how and in what sequence is the order of the furniture executed: -You come to our address at Azadlig Avenue 19/79, and get acquainted with the catalog by accompany of our designers. The designer will answer all your questions with great pleasure. By assist of designers you determine the material, indicators of furniture which can be suitable for your domicile. Further our colleagues will take measurements of your residence. The next step is the production of furniture accompanied by professional staff, in accordance with the order, delivery and installation. Later furniture is handled to you by responsible personnel. You can realize your desires without going to several addresses, spending hours in search of suitable furniture.  All of our products are under warranty.  The materials used in the production process, do not swell, paint won’t come out and furniture are manufactured to serve you in the long term use. It’s nice to be at home!       Call Send SMS Add to Skype You'll need Skype CreditFree via Skype