Tile, Ceramic and Sanitary Engineering

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Tile, ceramic and sanitary engineering Our three large stores are at your disposal in order for you to get high quality products of Spain, Turkey, Germany, and China in convenient manner. . Available products in our stores are classified in following arrangement: • Tile and ceramic • Granite and marble • Wall coverings • Bath and shower cabins • Mixers • Shower Furniture • Mosaics • Bathroom accessories and so on products. Akabe construction offers different color, design, assortment, quality and prices of products available for your selection. You can find different featured non-slip, wooden alike, matte, glossy, thicker, and more durable ceramic and regular tiles. Reasonable price and wide range selection gives you the opportunity to save your budget and time. We arrange product sale of brands like Seranit, Grohe, Appollo and etc. which are very famous in Turkey, Germany, China and in many different countries. We are trying to increase the number of brands which we cooperate on regular basis. Akabe Construction is focused to supply fashion lovers with the latest models in Azerbaijan.  Participating in different well known international exhibitions, gives us deserved place among those who are aware of innovations. We established reality reflecting nooks in our shops in order to describe a real portrait of post plumbing process. Wandering through these cozy corners you can easily choose what is more suitable for you. During your visit in our store, designers will free of charge present you draft version of layout created by products of your choice. In Akabe construction we are trying to cater for each one of you. There is a wide range of products to suit everyone's budget. Various types of original Spanish tiles and ceramics are at your fingertips. Among this you can obtain tiles and ceramics from Turkey, China, Poland and also domestic production goods. Different shaped furniture will make your bathroom a place you would love to spend your time. Customers seeking for true German quality can obtain Grohe and Hangrohe products from us.